July 22, 2008


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I had to skip the Thank You For Smoking parts of this post because I haven't seen yet.

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I think that rape should be defined as force of a sexual act. I believe a 13yr old in this day and age and even when I was 13 is taught enough about sex ed with programs in school that they know the choices they have. If society really thought a teen couldn't mentally make that choice why teach them and really give them the proper knowlege to make the choice to have sex. If it is going to be a crime to have sex with a minor then I believe that is ok but in those sex ed classes don't teach just teach them how to put a condom on a banana but also teach them the consequences for pursuing intimate relations with an adult.

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Thanks so much for posting the link to that great tutorial. I had good fun this afternoon making a basket and, like an earlier commenter, can say that the slightest difference in square size makes a basket of rather different proportions. I'll follow the instructions *to the letter* next time!


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dogs are friends of human beings


Generally women like men who are in control and knows what they are doing. A guy who falls through a sexual act, not really knowing what is happening is not only non-masculine, but also potentially dangerous.

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Work breaks are important but currently underutilized opportunity to help an employee feel better, be more productive and even become healthier.

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CAN A WORKPLACE REALLY ENCOURAGE BREAKS AND STILL BE COMPETITIVE and PRODUCTIVE? Popular belief is that breaks and exercise will reduce productivity by interrupting the work. In practice, studies show quite the opposite – productivity doesn’t reduce, but in fact...

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